Diane Goldschmidt

Diane Goldschmidt, after her Juris Doctorate and a Masters in Business Administration, became Senior Counsel to a major corporation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Then, bored on a Saturday afternoon drive in the 1990s, without any artistic training and quite by accident, she dropped into the local art store thinking she could “slap some paint” on a canvas for fun. The clerk informed her that the store sponsored classes. She called; she showed up; she painted; she was hooked.

While initially self-taught in acrylics Diane recognized the need for further education. Since then she has studied oil painting with Gary Lennon, Dan Robinson, David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Jacqueline Kamin, Dennis Parker, Carolyn Anderson and Leslie Lienau.

I am an attorney transformed into an artist nestled between traditional and modern techniques, developing into a post-impressionism artist. I find that the more I paint the more I want to paint!

After spending her legal career being concerned and serious about the issues of other people Diane can now, as an artist, observe the world in an amusing way. She likes seeing the universe from this new perspective and hopes to bring a bit of joy to those who see her work. She strives to touch either the viewer’s memory or funny bone with her work which tends to take on a more whimsical feeling.

Now semi-retired from the practice of law Diane devotes her time to painting, playing golf, traveling and reading. She has organized emerging artists for an annual exhibit known as “All About Art” as well as entering and selling in various art shows. Diane is a member of the Oklahoma Artists Invitational art show.