Jeanne Kleinschmidt

Jeanne Kleinschmidt was Eastern born and bred, born in Pennsylvania, raised in New Jersey and graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in chemistry. World War II lead Jeanne & her fiancé to the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where they worked for two years as scientists in the Health Group. After the war, they ended up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where her husband was an organic chemist for Phillips Petroleum. Along with raising 3 daughters, to keep stimulated, Jeanne pursued creative projects such as painting and a 20-year medical technologist.

Bartlesville, a very sophisticated artistic community, offered Jeanne numerous watercolor and oil painting seminars from Claude Croney, Jim Hamil and Odie McReynolds. After retirement to Arkansas, Jeanne continued her love of art in Oklahoma City, joining a weekly painting group lead by Judy McCombs. Jeanne loves to paint because it is a constant learning experience, often challenging yet very rewarding and she cherishes the shared camaraderie with fellow artists.

Of all the hobbies I have had, painting is the one I have been able to continue into older age. I am sure that when I reach the pearly gates, they will find oil paint underneath my fingernails.

Over the years Jeanne’s painting style has evolved to become an impressionist, using a palette knife rather than a brush. She primarily paints landscapes, but occasionally digresses to portraits of her 4-year-old granddaughter, her husband trout fishing and even to her Marine grandson standing on a hill overlooking the rugged Afghanistan terrain.

Jeanne’s favorite artist, Walt Gonsky of Taos, New Mexico, exhibits in the Prix de West at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. After acquiring several of his paintings, she has developed a long-distance friendship with him bringing pleasure to both.

Jeanne has twice won first prize in the Watermark Senior Living Center regional competition, and in 2017, won their national competition for their residents. For two years, her paintings were featured in their Expressions Annual Calendar which is distributed to all their retirement communities. Jeanne has received the Anchor Artist award for showing in the Oklahoma Artists Invitational art show for 10 art shows.