Jessica Seikel

Jessica first became interested in the arts at the young age of six while spending hours watching and her father, Steve Seikel, draw his architectural sketches and trying to copy him. Her favorite subjects to draw early on where her cat, other family pets, and trees.

After years of homeschooling, Jessica started taking art lessons in high school and took every art class available to her. She then went on to study Art and Art History at the University of Central Oklahoma. Jessica has since studied under art instructors Judy McCombs (landscapes and portraits), Dennis Parker (life drawing), and Kelly Folsom (still life).

Jessica’s favorite subjects to paint are forests, deserts and mountains.

I like exaggerated and bold colors and I add a touch of fantasy to all my works.

She considers herself a colorist and likes to call her paintings “Dreamscapes” for their dreamlike fantasy qualities.

Along with the OAI art shows, Jessica has shown at La Baguette and the Kelli Folsom art show. One of the original founders of Oklahoma Artists Invitational art shows, Jessica has received the Founding Artists award for showing in ten OAI art shows. She and two other artists have been in every OAI show since 2010. She serves as the assistant treasurer of Oklahoma Artists Invitational, LLC.