Margaret Carroll

Margaret Carroll is a member of Oklahoma Artists Invitational. Her works depict the quieter elements of the solitude of land and the peace of nature eliciting feelings of harmony and serenity. When viewing her landscapes her sensitivity to the beauty of the southwest is conveyed connecting the viewer to a spirit of place and timelessness portrayed in her subjects.

Margaret believes that:

art is about the experience of being moved and trying to hold onto that feeling for a moment.

Margaret strives for containment of emotional reaction in the form of landscape. She had studied for a number of years with artist Judy McCombs and also with Leonard Wren.  She participated in two 4-day workshops with Russell Case and Dan Mieduch, both artists featured in the Prix de West.

Having shown in the Oklahoma Artists Invitational art show for 10 shows, Margaret received her Anchor Artist award.  She serves as the Raffle chair.