Peggy Lunde

Painting expresses Peggy Lunde’s personal joy. She is awed by the beauty and precision of God’s creation and enjoys painting landscapes inspired by places she has been or memories too beautiful to forget. She also enjoys painting the exquisite beauty in children’s faces, displayed in her commissioned portraits.

Trying to capture the intricacies, colors or designs in nature I attempt to find new ways to catch the light or see into the shadows.

Peggy studied with Judy McCombs for ten years and has continued to learn from Sherrie McGraw, Claud Woody, Catherine Richardson, Daniel Keys and Suchitra Bhosle. Oklahoma Art Guild awarded her honorable mention for her landscape and a First Place ribbon for ‘Sailing on Lake Nasser’. Both sold at her private art show on Gibson Island. Peggy has exhibited and sold at several single artist shows and continues to sell her paintings with OAI artists and from her home studio.

Peggy was one of the original founders of Oklahoma Artists Invitational art shows
and has received a Founding Artists award for showing in ten OAI art shows. She is the Welcoming Table chair.