Sandy Wallace

Sandy Wallace’s art is most often done in a realistic painting style with attention to detail. Sandy works in a variety of mediums but oils are her current preference. She most often uses her surroundings as her subjects. Her still life subjects are frequently collections of everyday objects from people’s lives, both past and present.

Sandy’s interest in using older, used objects comes from her birthplace, Marblehead, Massachusetts, a seacoast town dating back to 1629. The old homes and antiques that inhabited them speak of the mystery of past lives.

I find that every spot of rust or dent or scratch on a subject is evidence of a life. Contemplating whose hands held and used these objects, the viewer is connected to their own past.

Although still life is Sandy’s most frequent subject, she doesn’t restrict herself. Growing up on the Atlantic coast, she has a life long connection to the ocean which she expresses in beautiful seaside paintings. Anything of interest can be a theme.

Sandy knew from an early age that she wanted to be an artist and pursued that goal by majoring in art at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. After graduating in 1971, she moved with her husband to Oklahoma where she raised her family while working outside the home for over 40 years. Her art, largely self-taught, progressed to eventually entering local art shows and winning several awards. Her depiction of glass is something frequently admired by those viewing her work. She has been accepted to the prestigious OKC Festival of the Arts and Oklahoma Artists Invitational art shows. Sandy works consistently to grow as an artist as she follows her passion.