Yvonne Covey

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist

~Francis of Assisi

Yvonne’s life long career and education were in the field of music. She spent many years trying to sharpen her skill of singing, piano playing, sight-reading music, and learning about music history while inspiring young people to love music as she did.

From a young age, art always inspired Yvonne and at the end of her music teaching, she began pursuing art classes. She soon discovered composing art requires developing a lot of new skills but the most challenging element was how to communicate creative thought on canvas. She knew what she wanted but lacked skills such as perspective, color, value, composition. She perfected her music skills for fifty years but probably “I don’t have that many years for art, so I better hurry”.

Yvonne’s husband, James, farms in “Western Oklahoma” and it was on their farm north of Custer City where they raised three children. They now are the proud grandparents of 7.

The Oklahoma countryside is overflowing with beautiful landscapes and sunsets. As a child, Yvonne spent many years driving a tractor and developing a keen appreciation for the beauty of the crops of wheat, cotton and livestock. The challenge comes when trying to paint landscapes that evoke the emotion she feels to the person viewing her art.  Old barns are disappearing and she loves to preserve them with an impressionistic style. Landscapes and clouds are the diamonds and pearls which surround us. Music is the color of sound and nature is   Yvonne’s color for painting.  It thrills her to try to compose a meaningful painting but she sadly never tried to compose a song. It’s never too late!!!

Yvonne has painted under Judy McCombs and has shown with the Oklahoma Artists Invitational art show for 9 shows.